• New server API released! More than 200 new functions !

    • New server API released! More than 200 new functions !

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    Devblog #9

    Head Admin


    Devblog #9
    Hello guys ! And welcome to the Devblog 9 !!!

    Yes, we have made a very good progress during this recent weeks.
    It's time to show you our progress !

    >New on foot synchronization :

    Our last video

    As you can see, we made a good progress and now, it's like a perfect synchronization. We need to improve some bug (like when player run and stop)
    We will still improve it in order to have 0 bugs.

    >Add CEF Features :

    Here the features with some screens. (This week)

    >Fixed know bugs :

    -We improved the synchronization all animations.
    -The animation of sight and shot are now fluid, clean and not jerky.
    -The transition of running animations are much smoother.
    -The animation for walking / running up the stairs is fully supported.
    -The animations to enter a vehicle / out are now not bugged.

    >Synchronization of vehicles entities :

    The synchronization of vehicles entities is done. All players see the vehicles,
    when there is no one in it, in the same way and the same place.
    If a vehicle is hit by someone, and there is no one in it, everyone will see it move correctly.

    >Other :

    -Network and calculation optimization.
    -Better error handling and possible crash.
    -Setting up the launcher. Mod can be run only from the launcher.
    -New wiki design.
    -Improved application of damage on players.
    -Supports vehicle damage.

    Added functions :

    -ForceConnect (force a player to connect to a specific server)
    -CreateCheckpoint, DeleteCheckpoint to create a checkpoint.
    -LoadURL to load a web page in CEF.
    -ExecuteJavaScript to execute javascript in the CEF website.
    -Function-related component to add, remove, put the clothes on by default player (clothes ..etc) (http://wiki.v-multi.com/index.php/Script...#Component)
    -Added OnCEFEventTrigger callback that is triggered when a player throws a prerecorded share (triggerEvent (..)) in the page.
    triggerEvent () can be inserted into a button, a timer, in a form .. anywhere.

    More video and screenshot during this week Smile
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