• New server API released! More than 200 new functions !

    • New server API released! More than 200 new functions !

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    Developer at LSL


    Currently looking for moderators, JavaScript developers, graphic designer.

    Contact me via PM in GTA:Network, ECLIPSE-RP or Discord
    Sycho(nobodyltu) ECLIPSE-RP.NET#4955

    More information soon...

    Visit us at Eclipse-RP.net
    [Image: giphy.gif]
    Discord: Sycho(nobodyltu)#4955
    09-25-2016, 11:51 AM

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    About V-Multiplayer

    V-Multiplayer (V-MP) is a free multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto V allowing players to play with and against each others online. The mod runs under a server-client model modifiable through an API using C-Sharp. The project was initiated on March 23rd 2016 and will soon allow you to play with more than a hundred players at the same time in a stable, entirely customizable and cheaters-less game mode!