• New server API released! More than 200 new functions !

    • New server API released! More than 200 new functions !

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    [EN] Looking for C++ developers [3D CEF]



    [EN] Looking for C++ developers [3D CEF]
    Hello guys !

    The progress of the mod is fast and we are very happy with the result we have at the moment.
    The on foot synchronization, vehicle, bicycle and in the air are almost perfect, the CEF is already integrated but we want to go even further by allowing images and videos in 3D in the game world.

    That's why we recruit a C ++, knowing and using DirectX and Hook.
    You must know the CEF in order to use 3D in the world of GTA V (cf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdWmLSsauWQ).
    We are not just looking for one developer, but more because we want to also make add-on such as a character editor, a map editor ...

    You must know the C ++ and you need to speak English or French.

    If you are interested, send a pm to Ivanno !
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